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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. I forgot my Bible School logon password, how can I get it?
Select your school from the School List page. You can use the "Forgot your password?" link under the student logon section and have the program email your student logon name and password to you. You will get the email sent to you in one or two minutes from when you make the request. If you do not see it, also check your Junk / Spam folder as sometimes the email program may put it there.

2. I forgot my Gospel World logon / password, how can I get it?
Open the Gospel World account logon page and click on the "Reset" link there. Instructions provided there to reset your password. Remember to use it in the world viewer program logon.

3. How do I Enroll?
Please find the school you wish to take courses in from the School List page, opening the School's student logon page by clicking on the school name. When it opens, click on the "Enroll Now" button. Fill in the enrollment form to create your student account and provide your contact information. Select the course you wish to start and either purchase or proceed with the lessons. All study content needed for the course is described in the course description.

4. Will I get a degree / certificate if I complete the courses?
See the About Us page for information regarding this question. While we offer a certificate for completing each offered course, this is not recognized by any school.

5. Email address changed and I cannot get my logon information.
The program has the "My Record" access on the lesson selection page after you have logged on. This allows you to update your student account information and email address. If you cannot remember your logon and the email has changed, send us your full name, city and state of residence and we will locate your account and let you know it was updated. Then you can use the instructions for the first question above.

6. I tried to register, it gives a message that I already have an account! How is that possible?
At some point in the past, you, a friend or relative may have registered you with one of the member correspondence schools. The online and correspondence student accounts in member schools are handled by the Gospel Learning Center program. The account duplication detection is letting you know that your name and address has already been entered.
Please send us your full name and current address so your account can be located and set up for online access. Once your current email address is placed on the account, then you will be able to get your logon information as per the instructions in first entry above.

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