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The GOSPEL LEARNING CENTER is an online School hosting program created for Seventh-day Adventist Church organizations and ministries. It is dedicated to present the unique message this church has for the world at this time. This program provides the software and server support to operate online / correspondence schools or training programs using the best internet technologies available.

Our goal is to provide the support for your school to grow world wide for the glory of God.
Program Features:
  • Full school management of student accounts, transcripts and communication. Student access is through existing church or ministry websites. Automatic scoring for online student lessons greatly increases staff productivity.

  • Enhanced correspondence course support. Mail merge labels, student and pastor follow up letters are published to PDF for printing. Letters are automatically saved to the student accounts. Form letter structure allows customization for each student based on features tracked in the program.

  • Seventh-day Adventist church pastors, Associate pastors and Bible workers can use the Church Follow Up Management to track student contacts assigned to them by the Bible Schools. Evangelists can associate with a church they will be holding meeting at to see the student activity in the church area.

  • Church members may use the School Associate program to promote member schools of their choice and see the results of their work in real time.

  • Students can take interactive courses offered by member schools. Course lessons are graded automatically; no waiting for the next Lesson. Try our Demo School showing some of the shared courses and languages available.

  • Books may be used as textbooks or additional resources in a school or just to handle language translation and publishing of them.

  • Any of the content placed into the GLC program may be opened for language translation done by approved volunteers or your paid staff to work on using the GLC Language Translation Entry program.

  • Book and course authors can have a place to showcase their courses, whether beginning or advanced course structures and manage share agreements with member schools. This also includes video programs.

All Services are now open for application on the Application Information page.

How Does This Work?
Many church websites can point to a school hosted in the GLC program.

The Gospel Learning Center hosts your Bible School providing the software to create and manage your school. No software to install or programming needed.

Your school is seen and accessed from your website. You can have more than one school; each with a different purpose such as a training program.

You may allow other churches to have a student logon page to your school in their websites which brings more students into your school. If you have more than one website, each of them may have a school access page.

Free Bible School Portal

If your SDA church would like to have a student logon page in your website to a participating GLC member Bible School, please apply using the Website Application form.

Services Provided:
** School Administration:

This is where the schools can be operated and courses created. The school manager may create logon accounts for the school staff and handle all operations in managing the school.

NOTE: School set up and content creation has no support fees until students can start taking the courses. Students may be online, correspondence or both in a school.

Programming is available for Windows Servers to transfer correspondence student records to the GLC program and download graduates from the GLC program for the school. For non Windows servers and software, an API interface is provided to communicate with the GLC program. More about School Management.

** Resource Content Provider:

This service provides ministries and individuals a way in which courses and resources which may be shared with operating schools can be created and managed. This also allows the content to be opened for language translation. This program provides Resources and School Administration program access but will not have any student access.
This service is free! More about a Resource Content Provider.

** Resource Library Management:
This program contains the Library Management sections for online Books, Media content and Online Libraries. This provides resources that can be used or referenced in Courses for your school, shared with selected schools or available to all schools using this program.

Book Library:
The book library can hold any format of book, page matched with your published book. Books can be displayed in your website using the Book Portal page with links to purchase on your website. Books can also be used as textbooks or additional study references in school courses.

Media Library:
The media library handles non book text with video and / or audio links to your streaming content. Entries in this library can be used in course lessons and displayed in your website if desired in the Media Library portal.

Online Library:
This library provides a way to create links to your video or website page content on your server for use with school courses as additional study assignments.

All Book and Media library contents support language translation using the Language Translation Entry portion of this program. Source books may be entered in any language and translated by people to any other language. You manage your content for share permissions, translation and publication. More about the Resource Libraries.

** Language Translation:

Current supported tasks are:

  1. GLC Web Pages – The School Administration and student access pages can be translated into other languages so schools do not have to be operated only in English.

  2. Book Library – Translation of any books opened for translation.

  3. School Courses – Translation of any school courses opened for translation.

The Translation Entry program is open for translator applications.
Translator application form is in the Translation Support page.

** Gospel World:

The Gospel World is a virtual world dedicated for school use providing training and "live" classroom options. Implementation of the virtual world has started on 8/15/2013 with the server configuration and software installation. More information will be posted as this progresses!

  • 2/8/2014 The first region in the world was created.
  • 3/20/2014 Terrains for Administration, Welcome and the Public Islands have been created. Construction begins!
  • June 2014 Report – Video tour of the world at this point.
  • August 2014 Report – World map display is now working.
See more in the Gospel World page.

11/2018 Virtual SDA Church added in Gospel World to provide a secured location for members and interested persons who do not have a local church to attend, and would like to fellowship and connect with other SDA members. See more about this project in the SDA Church page.

Please see the Program Structure for more information on what has been completed and what is still pending.

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