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SDA Church in Gospel World

The virtual world is a full 3D environment in which you move your character (avatar) around much like in a lot of games. However that is as close to the games as it gets. You can interact with a lot of things in the world. Communication is done through text chat or by voice.

First time visitors arrive at a location called Welcome Island where you can try the various exercises to learn how to function in this new world. Simple things like walking, moving objects and eventually flying. This location is where everyone arrives and there is general culture shock everywhere. At the end of the educational tour, you will find a transporter gate to the Welcome Plaza.

The first step in the process is creating a free Gospel World account and to select a representative look for yourself. Choose one that is close to what you want. You will learn how to change every aspect of shape, skin, clothing etc. that is possible to make yourself look as you wish! Now here is how to start your journey into another world and a virtual Seventh-day Adventist church...

How to Create Your Account

Please note that the term 'Avatar' is used to mean your representative and appearance in the virtual world. It is what others will see you to be. Some people like to make them look as much like the real person as possible, while others will make them look very different. The choice is yours, you might reveal your true inner self in what you look like!

  1. Download the client program from FireStorm Viewer - Select the FireStorm Open Simulator edition, Click on the download. Choose for which Operating System you have: Windows, Mac or Linux. This will take a few minutes. Keep this web page handy when you start the program and logon with your account.
  2. Open the Guest Registration page link on the left side of the Gospel World or SDA Church page.
  3. Select a default avatar that is closest to what you wish to look like. You will be able to make a lot of changes to it later.
  4. Choose the name you will use in the world. This can be a fictitious name or your real name. Make it a name you will be proud of and represent you well. The program will let you know if the name is available. If not you may modify it some to get it to pass.
  5. Fill in the required information to create your account. Take note of the name and password you created and do not share or lose them. They are your access key to this virtual world.
  6. Run the viewer program. Follow the instructions on the Connect page to set up the connection to Gospel World in the viewer. Enter your account name and password and log in.
  7. As soon as you arrive at Welcome Island, follow the instructions on how to move and take the tour to learn how to use all the controls you have. If you already know how to do these things, you can go directly to the exit point.

Walking through the transporter gate will take you to the Gospel World Plaza. There you can see some free item stores for your avatar appearance and accessories. Walk through the "To SDA Church" gate to arrive at the SDA Church location. You can use the Search option for People to contact Vinhold Starbrook.

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