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The Gospel Learning Center is an online Bible School hosting program for the Seventh-day Adventist Church organizations and ministries in which they may apply for opening an online school which they will operate. Each organization or ministry will have access to the following features.

Program Features:
Resource Data Management (Completed 3/15/2011)
This portion of the program allows the school's parent organization to create online content in the form of Book, Media and Internet Resource Libraries. The Book and Media Library content can be be selectively set for Translation Service. This service is also an excellent tool for book authors to use to have their books online and displayed in their website and / or shared with schools to use with study courses in addition to the other features.
  • Book Library - Organize book content in library sections. Assign Editors for data entry and correction. Each book can be a resource assigned to a school course. If the book is sold by the organization, it can have a product code and website store link assigned to it. Books may be assigned for Translation Services and shared for other schools to access as well as appear in online website portal access.
  • Media Library - This library can reference any video, audio and publication resource content organized by Library sections. Each section can be assigned to an editor to maintain the content. Each section can also be assigned to Translation Services. This can also include video transcription content and be translated for subtitle use. Content can also be selectively shared with other schools and opened to website portal access.
  • Web Resource Library - Set up access to your online video and audio streaming content or other web resources on your servers for access in the school or share with other schools.
School Administration (Completed 10/18/2011)
This section is set up for website Portal access and all the pages can be translated into other languages using the Translation Section of the program. This is so the School Administration can be accessed as if it was part of the School website or can be accessed in this website.
This portion of the program allows the school staff to:
  • Manage School set up options (Done)
  • Create Staff Accounts and assign program modules to staff members (Done)
  • Create courses offered by the school. Features available in a course: (Done)
    • Assign additional study resources to the courses by lesson which will be available to the student on completion of the lesson.
    • Courses may optionally be shared with other GLC schools.
    • Courses may be free or have a fee charged to take the course.
    • Courses now have style sheet override settings for control of presentation of the course and its components. (Added 8/16/2012)
    • Courses may be organized in prerequisite structure as a series of courses from beginning to advanced levels.
    • Courses can contain video, audio, PDF downloads, interactive student answers and quizzes / tests. Depending on format the questions can have Bible verse links with the online Bible. Course may access the book or media library to select either a textbook or use media library topics assigned as part of the lesson content. (Lesson Library Access Added 10/25/2012)
    • Courses are comprised of a series of lessons. Each lesson has an introduction and assignable video or audio and sound clips as well as a downloadable PDF document. Lessons may have one or more of these options:
      • Questions and Answers - Questions and answers may be presented in a variety of ways as a presentation or student interactive answer entry. All student responses are program graded.
      • Optional Study Question / Answer with Bible links, place your own title for this section.
      • Optional Quiz / Test format Question / Answer student interactive scored response. This may be used with every lesson or at the end of selected lessons. Student responses are program graded with instant results displayed for the student. You can now use your own title for this section.
      • Optional Lesson Conclusion Display - closes the lesson with some additional study content or to present information about the next lesson. You can use your own title for this section.
      • All student scores are retained in the transcript record per lesson in the course.
      • Questionnaire forms may be created and linked to each lesson to display on lesson completion. This allows student responses to be retained and activate other functions such as church selection for contact on baptism and additional study.
  • Manage student accounts, Questionnaire Responses and Course transcripts. Students qualifying for local church follow up assignment will be assigned to the appropriate local church pastor for follow up assignment. Pastors can access the Ministry Support section for one stop reporting on the assignments and results. (Done 6/28/2011)
  • Letter Management - Create and manage student letters used online by staff in correspondence with students. Program retains letter history of the correspondence with the student. (Done 7/4/2011) This section is being revised for improved operation (Done 10/18/2011)
  • Create student questionnaire forms and trigger program events based on responses, such as baptism requests, prayer requests, course response forms etc. (Done 8/10/2011)
  • Student Questionnaire Response Management - Handle student responses to the Questionnaire Forms. (Done 8/18/2011)
    Form version tracking update. (Done 3/15/2011)
  • Graduate Students completing course requirements, process mail merge letters and mailing labels. (Done 8/23/2011)
  • System reports on all aspects of school operation, additional reports can be created as required. (Done 9/6/2011)
  • Added Mail Merge to PDF on server side to replace external mail merge using MS Word. When the Mail Merge Form Letters are used, the program will produce the letters in a PDF document ready to print and will automatically save a copy of the letter in the Student account. A matching PDF document is also provided with the mailing labels in PDF ready to print using standard Avery mailing labels format. The sorted order is by postal code ready for presorted bulk mail to be sent to the postal service. If the Form Letters are not used, the data download file is provided to be processed externally. (Done 4/8/2013)
Student Access (Completed 9/11/2012)

The student access to the school is reached through the website logon portal page. All pages in this section are for course display and access to the additional resources provided in the course or added by the school. The portal logon page provides display of up to three starting level courses which may be selected to try the first lesson before registration. The try first option is controlled by a school managed course control option.
The student may proceed directly to Enrollment. Enrolled students may logon and continue their study.
Additional courses may be selected by the student using the Course Selection option after logon.
The student may change the active course at anytime providing the option to complete lessons in multiple courses during one study period time.

Students selecting a course that requires a fee payment and selects the option to pay for the course, is directed to the school's main website payment page with the parameters for the course payment. Once this has been accomplished and the school has responded to the request and allows access to the course for the student, the student may proceed with the study.

Schools may also choose to have limited enrollment for a specific course at one time and choose to use the approved enrollment process. Each student applying to take the course will have to be approved by the school before being allowed access to the offered courses. This allows training center operation to be used with limited students per session.

Ministry Data Exchange Support (Added 11/9/2012)

The data exchange support provides the option for ministries that have the programming to track their customers and donors to import to the school any accounts that wish to take correspondence courses that have contacted the ministry through a call center service or any other sources. This part of the data exchange requires installation of a .Net or Mono web service that only the GLC server may access.

The GLC provides a Web service access and software that can be set up to communicate with the ministry software / database that can manage graduate student import to the account software. This programming runs on a Windows server as a .Net internal website, or use the API service that is provided to those who can do their own programming. Contact Bob Curtice (Program Director) for more information in the Contact Us page.

Translation Entry Service (Opened 1/5/2012)

Courses and Resources may be released for translation by volunteers who are managed by the Gospel Learning Center to provide verified translation. This content may be converted into any other format for use online or in publishing. It may also be used to manage versions and updates over time. Schools may independently hire translators and editors to use the program to accomplish the translation entry work faster and monitor the work completed. Translated content may be given permission to publish by anyone the school / organization approves.

Web Pages Translation - This module allows translation of the web pages that support multiple language use. The first section of web pages are the School Administration programming. (Done 1/5/2012)

Course Translation - This module will allow any courses created by a school to be translated into other languages. (Done 2/29/2012)

Form Email Translation - This allows any emails used by the program or schools to have their content translated to support multiple languages. (Pending)

Form Letters Translation - This module allows translation of any form letters used by the school to be sent to students, pastors and other contacts in any language they are needed. (Pending)

Questionnaire Forms Translation - This module allows translation of the student questionnaire forms that can be assigned to any course lesson for student responses to the school. (Pending)

Report Translation - This module allows translation of any system reports used by the School staff. (Pending)

Book Translation - This module allows translation of books in the Resource Library. (Done 3/7/2012)

Media Library Translation - This module allows translation of the Media Library contents in the Resources Library. (Done 4/4/2012)

Web Portal Support (Completed)

Web masters can apply for their websites to have a school portal for student logon access and use the program to maintain the portal style settings to look like their website. This includes any school’s home websites to access the school student logon page. The schools may elect to participate in allowing other websites to access the school logon page in the Portals program.

The School Administration logon page may be a website portal access from the school's website.

School Associates (Completed 5/15/2013)

This program allows individuals to associate with a school of their choice selecting from participating schools which they may promote through emails or website displays to encourage students to take the courses. In return they can view the number of students that have responded to their efforts, the number of students completing the courses and the number of baptisms resulting from the study.

Contact Follow Up Management (Completed 8/27/2013)

This program provides access for church pastors, evangelists and Bible workers to view statistical list of students by postal code in the local area, monitor member activity promoting the schools and managing assigned students from member Bible Schools for follow up visitation.

It puts the local church pastor in control of the student contacts assigned to his church for follow up action which he may reassign to a Bible worker.

Each church worker may select the church they are working with and are approved by the pastor to establish a chain of trust. All the church approved workers may see the number of students in the surrounding city locations. This way they may monitor the result of members efforts in the community in promoting the Bible Schools.

This service provides one location for the church pastor to handle all student follow up assignments from any of the schools in the GLC program.

Gospel World (Started 8/15/2013)

The Gospel World is a virtual 3D world where schools may create a virtual school campus and hold live classes with students.

Training programs may use the virtual world for training workers using a portion of a town for door to door work or any other concept that will help with training. Literally this tool is only limited by the imagination in what can be created and used for educating people in the Gospel commission work.

When the Gospel World opens, it will have areas for public access and promotion of any schools that will be using it. Access to the virtual world will be provided in the Gospel World page.

Server configuration has been setup and database with asset services installed. Region management software is pending installation.

2/8/2014 The first region in the world was created. See more about it in the Gospel World page.

11/2018 Virtual SDA Church added to provide a secured location for members and interested persons who do not have a local church to attend, and would like to fellowship and connect with other SDA members. See more about this project in the SDA Church page.

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