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The Translation Entry program is provided for Seventh-day Adventist members with the gift of knowing more than one language to help the schools and ministries that have content in the Gospel Learning Center to translate them into other languages. The translated content may then have permission to publish or use in the schools for more people to access it.

Translator and Editor Requirements

Translators and Editors are needed to get the contents we have translated into other languages. If you meet the listed requirements, please apply to help.

  1. A member of the Seventh-day Adventist church in good standing.
  2. You personally believe the Bible and support the church organization and its ministries.
  3. You personally believe the counsel to the church given by Ellen White.
  4. You also support the church with your tithes and offerings.
  5. You have worked as a translator or Editor either professionally or have sufficient education to know both English and your native language to do translation.
  6. You can work as a volunteer for the project in your spare time accomplishing the assignments on a regular schedule.
  7. You have your own computer and internet access to be able to use this online tool to do the work assigned.
How to Help With the Translation Work

Apply at Translation Application. As soon as your application is processed you will be notified by email what your assignments are and how to accomplish the translation using this program.

How the Program Works

The program has all the source content in the source language; typically English but is not limited to English.


Source content is copied from the program to your preferred word processing program where it can be translated. When it is completed, copy it to the online program space provided. When it is correct to your satisfaction you sign your initials in the space provided and proceed to the next section. This indicates to the Editor that the content is ready to be checked. In some cases you may also be assigned team members in some assignments to organize in getting the work done and you will inspect the work completed and sign it.


Editors inspect each section of the translation and has the power of approval by signing your initials in the space provided. They work with the Translator posting any corrections needed for proper language forms and punctuation using the Change Request notes in the program. When the section has been signed, the section is "locked" and may not be changed again.

Team Members:

Those who would like to help but may not have enough education or professional experience but are willing to use their knowledge of languages to help, may become a translation team member and work with a lead translator on some of the content assignments. They will do the assigned translation and putting it in the spaces provided. In this way they may extend their skills learning as they go and get valuable experience.

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