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Frequently Asked Questions

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As a ministry / educator what will this program do for me?

The Gospel Learning Center program offers to Seventh-day Adventist Educators:

  • School hosting: School Administration program for school operation and student logon access from your website and style controls to look like your site.

  • Course Management and creation tools for interactive student learning using different formats that apply to the entire collection of lessons. Course may access the book or media library to select either a textbook or use media library topics assigned as part of the lesson content.

    1. Courses can be related to each other to build a prerequisite list of studies that must be completed before the next level of courses can be accessed by the student. Courses may contain any number of lessons. Lessons may be taken sequentially or in any order.
    2. Lessons may contain one or more components:
      • Optional sound play on opening the lesson
      • Questions can have the following formats and include pictures:
        • Question / answer input; pictures optional with text content
        • Presentation format with several layout options consisting of pictures and text
        • Bible access opens to selected book, chapter and verse(s) with auto update as the student progresses through the questions
        • Reference Library access of yours or shared books and other documents and internet resources

      • Study Questions – Pose question and answer for additional content presentation in the lesson. Has optional Bible reference link. A custom title can be placed for this section.
      • Quiz / Test – This question and answer input can be assigned to each lesson or selective lessons as needed for student input. Auto graded results and display to the student, best score placed on transcript. A custom title can be placed on this section.
      • Lesson Conclusion – Post Lesson wrap up and references consisting of text and pictures or leader for the next lesson. A custom title can be placed for this section.
      • Video / Audio Presentation – This is accessed at the start of the lesson and can be lecture or any other presentation content.
      • Download PDF Document – can be any lesson related content including course study materials.
      • Assigned Additional Resources – These are any lesson assigned content from the Book, Media and Internet Libraries in the Resource Management section.

    3. The Questionnaire Management allows the creation of response forms that can be assigned to any lesson in a course for student interaction with the school staff: such as Questions / Comments, Prayer Requests, Course Response etc. Supports auto launch at the conclusion of the lesson.
    4. Student correspondence tracking for both email and printed letters.
    5. Student graduation processing and church follow up assignment when it applies.

  • Language Translation support by volunteers around the world. You create the content and select it to be open for translation. Gospel Learning Center can manage the volunteers or you can hire your own to use the program to get the task done sooner. Requires a minimum of one translator and an unrelated editor to complete a verified translation of the courses, books or other content supported by the program. Translation teams may be located anywhere in the world with internet access.

  • Website Integration Management to place Gospel Learning Center content into your website and your option to allow other websites to do the same to your school student logon page at the Gospel Learning Center site. This also includes a number of other portals to content you may have in the program.

  • Gospel World is an integrated virtual world environment dedicated to school operation with some public area access. This can be used for live classrooms or for school staff meetings. You create your own content or choose from a variety of prebuilt items to use. This 3D virtual world is very much like the popular Second Life® world. See current work being done at Bible Prophecy Island in Second Life®.

  • The Gospel Learning Center provides the software and maintenance of the programming to continue implementing the growing amount of internet technologies available to support presenting the Gospel message to all countries, people and languages and for access and publishing under your control.

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